Community Hope International Plan of Words of Life Ministries

Visitation Follow-up and Team

  • Attend CHI Workshop to learn Plan.
  • Become a member of CHI community group.
  • Assignments for this leader will come from Outreach Ministry Group
    Leaders from church and community.
  • Visitation assignments will also come from CHI Group teacher Leader,
    and Prayer Teams.
  • The Visitation Leader and teams must have a strong Christian relationship with God,
    bearing the fruit of  love, joy, peace, goodness, and mercy.
  • Visitation leader and team will visit all those who have been surveyed in community.
  • This team will also visit new group members in their communities.
  • Visitation will also use registration cards as they visit to find out the area of
    interest of those who were not surveyed in homes. For example, Music Drama
    or Community Group opportunity. 
  • This team and leader will also give handouts and tape of CHI Plan
    along with any other materials provided.
  • Visitation leader and teams will also pray for the hurting and sick and
    all who desire prayer as they visit each home.
  • Reports of this leader will go to Outreach leader.  

    The Visitation Leader and Team will be of great  importance and will have
    many opportunities in the community to see miracles as they pray for the needs of people.
    This will help community see a need  to become a part of the Community Hope International Plan.
    This team will register people, minister to people and encourage people as they are led
    by the Holy Spirit of God while in communities. 

    The Leader and Teams will:
    Testify of receiving Jesus Christ
    Have Prayer for salvation of souls
    Fill out survey cards  and give out tape and handouts
    Fill Out forms of results of people saved, healed and ministered to.
    This Information will go back to Outreach Leader.


                                          I Would Like To:
Help  Underprivileged people in my community through CHI Home Groups

Sponsor a Partner Event  
  in a Home Group in my Community 
Start or Join a Home Group in my Community  (
fill out form for choice of group
Teach a Job Skill or (
provide equipment to train a skill
Teach Music Skills or provide
(music equipment to teach and give others opportunity
Start a Music Group (voice or band ) in my Community through CHI Home Group
Teach Drama Skills to the underpriviledged in my Community
Start a  Drama Team in my Community through CHI Home Group

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