Community Hope International Plan of Words of Life Ministries

Telephone Follow-up Leader and Team

  • Telephone Ministry Leader must attend CHI Workshop to learn the Plan
  • Start a Community Group or become a part of a Community group in your community
  • Work together with other Community Groups in the CHI Plan
  • Assignments for this leader will be given from the Outreach leader within the community group
  • Reports will be given to outreach leader with results of follow-up
  • Telephone leader will train the team members or volunteers
  • This Team must understand the vision and mission of the CHI Plan
  • The Telephone Leader will also train assistance leader
  • All paper work of team progress obtained through calls made using survey cards
    or registration card with referrals, will be given to Outreach leader
  • Report assignments book will be available with report page
  • The team members will also make new calls to find community needs
    and calls to find people who want to provide needs
  • Team will also call to give the community awareness of  community groups and CHI Plan
  • Team members will also make calls to get volunteers, workers, members, and to give
     information on  becoming a part of the CHI Plan
  • Two Telephone teams will be needed- One for new refferals and one for community group attendees
  • Calls will be made from homes,  churches, or building provided by people
  • Eventually CHI centers will be available
  • Follow-up calls will also be made to ao all indivuals that have recieved materials
    and responded by mailing into CHI department
  • Materials for ghidlines for calls will be provider by Leader
  • Calls will be made each night of the week and calls during the day
  • Volunteers will be needed for day time and night calls
  • All telephone volunteers must attend CHI workshop
  • Telephone Follow-up leader will choose a teen group leader and this leader will
    have teen group volunteers for teen age groups
  • Telephone Leader will also choose telephone follow-up leader for senior groups and volunteers
  • Materials will be provided with information on group projects in the community f or youth, teens, adults, and seniors
  • AOF Telephone Follow-up Leader and teams will also use this asssignment

                                          I Would Like To:
Help  Underprivileged people in my community through CHI Home Groups

Sponsor a Partner Event  
  in a Home Group in my Community 
Start or Join a Home Group in my Community  (
fill out form for choice of group
Teach a Job Skill or (
provide equipment to train a skill
Teach Music Skills or provide
(music equipment to teach and give others opportunity
Start a Music Group (voice or band ) in my Community through CHI Home Group
Teach Drama Skills to the underpriviledged in my Community
Start a  Drama Team in my Community through CHI Home Group

Click here  - (and fill out the form for above choice or choices)

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