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Community Hope International Plan 
The Hope For Your Community
Through Community Home Groups In
Every City, State and Nation

Support Us In The CHI Plan           
Grants/Land Gifts/Buildings

♣Funding spent in the efforts of many non-profits in areas of administration and building can be changed through the
Community Hope International Plan.

♣The CHI Plan Will Make The Difference In The Future Of Funding

Decisive, firm action on the behalf of funding organizations, Grantee's, partners, members and sponsors can reverse the course of  economical distressed and depressed individuals and families in all of our communities by providing funds to support volunteers, hard workers and their communities, to  survive hard times  with opportunity they deserve. 
Many are unemployed with no income and many with  low income who suffer tremendous consequences.
Your generous support fuels Community Hope International Plan in helping entire communities where community home groups help people lift themselves out of poverty . As they receive help they then will help someone else in some kind of help. Community people will give of their time services and abundance, based on any thing they can do.
•Become a part
of helping provide job skills and agricultural training in depressed communities, were jobs are scarce. 
 With your help, people will learn farming methods from our community home group volunteers and many other skills to help in crisis issues in time of recession and depression witnin communities.

•Educational Plans are urgent
and will be carried out through our communities.
With the CHI Plan, recession and depression in our communities make a difference throughout all the community as they get involved through having home groups throughout the community.The CHI Plan would bring a greater prospective in rebuilding better,  safer, more education,and commitment in changing lives and saving lives with more access to opportunity than ever before. CHI Plan  volunteers will provide help in what ever is needed in educational training through the community home groups and many groups throughout community will connect to provide the volunteers for needed services. Many  Community home groups will become connected as the Community Hope International events to bring leaders of home groups together come to fruition.

Rural communities reveal that government funding does not touch the needs
Community needs extend beyond comprehension of the best.
Many low-income families do not share in the economical benefits presently and
remain in distress.  Home groups throughout  community working together will be
able to meet immediate and desperate needs as  home group volunteer's and community reach out to help one another in people helping people.

Many are victims of enormous squeeze with job loss and needed educational or job skill
opportunity for better jobs.
CHI will have many volunteers that teach job skills, music, and drama as well as a
plan in which will give them a future within the community.
This will prevent much violence and abuse to families that do not have community support.
Many are at risk now of losing everything-even their way of life without a change.

•Problems remain invisible within a vulnerable community to many agencies and non-profits.
Much of the community is so wrapped up in the pressure of economical stress in-so-much that children do not receive the home help and encouragement to carry on school expectations or have opportunity for learning in the field of music, drama or other activities to give them hope in accomplishing something they could enjoy.

Through Community Hope International Plan thousands will have career opportunity that they otherwise could not have had or afford. 

Children and pets suffer consequences
of abuse, because of unmet need pressure.
Much can be achieved when community connects and no one stands alone in efforts.
The abuse of animals and Children can be changed in a major way
 as people work together with
a community plan that works.

•Partnering and connecting
with community agencies, Community home groups, churches, for-profits and non-profits will minimize uncertainty and improve outreach made available through the CHI Plan. This will create stronger community and produce recovery as grass-roots organizations, volunteer groups, individuals, services,churches and professions work together to build a stronger community.

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Teach Music Skills or provide
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Start a Music Group (voice or band ) in my Community through CHI Home Group
Teach Drama Skills to the underpriviledged in my Community
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