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♣Partnership e-Profile

  • Introduction:                      Welcome New Comers!

What We Do For You ....

♣ We Become Your #1 resource for connecting and  promoting you, your Business, Organization, Church,  Service, and/or Profession on a local and state scale through Community Home Groups.

♣ We Provide Local Events every 3 months. 
You will have The opportunity to sign-up and be interviewed to become a local Event leader for  your city or an assistant to the Leader.

♣We Provide access to Partners through e-Profiles and Community Home Group Members by listings of e-mails and personal or business listing.
♣We  Provide  an e-Profile that will be a direct contact with all partners, members and guests of

♣We provide a way that Not only can they find you but you can find each other.
We enable You to find other CHI Members and Partners in  business , Church, Organizations, from our entire partnership and membership website

♣We at CHI are unique because we connect you to all Communities,Cities, States, through Home Groups and  Home Group Events, for Your Organizations, Non-Profit Groups, For-profits, Churches and Businesses,Services and Professions, as well an Individual Partners and Members

♣We Provide you discounted rates when you attend Networking Events every 3  months in our Cities and yearly at our State Conference Events, with sponsor opportunities and exposure.

At our events in cities all across the USA you will have opportunities to connect with businesses, organizations and friends to:

Bring Community awareness through Home Groups
Promote who you are, your business, Church, Individual Groups, profession and what you do as well as what you have to offer community.
You will also let others know what you need from their communities as a Community Partner.

You will learn new Community Group ideas, strategies for your business, Church, Church Groups, Individual Community Home Groups, Professions and personal connecting ideas.

♣We Provide Special Counseling on Health Alternatives in health issues and special invitation to alternative group meeting's with vital information on issues and answers to new healthy life styles.

Due's are a one time non- refundable initiation commitment as well as the monthly commitment fee.

•This commitment entitles you to your own personal web page (Profile) on the CHI Network Website allowing you to connect with corporations, consumers,churches and all community, through Home Groups and Event meetings in every city.

Your e-Profile will consist of Information About:

♦ You or Your Company/Business/Church/Home Group
♦ What Makes You, Your Company or Church Unique To Community

♦ What Others Need  to Know About You,Your Business, Church, or Community Group.
♦ Who Benefits The Most In Your Community
♦ A Topic On Helping People Within The Community In Giving and   
Receiving From Your Perspective.

One Time Partner Commitment and Monthly Due's:

Individual's: Compermisable--depends on Financial status
 $25.00 One Time Member Partner Commitment
Volunteers start Free

Business/Organization/ Professions:
Small  $250.00 One time / $15 monthly
Large  $1,000.00 One Time / $45 Monthly

Small Church: $100.00   $15.00 monthly 
Large Church Over / 100 members $100.00  $25.00 monthly

 Everyone may be a CHI Member for $1.00 and group involvement.

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Click here Interview as a Health Alternative Leader or Assistant

Phone:  336-366-3100

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