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Meeting Desperate Needs in Communities
“People helping People"
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      Words of Life International Outreach and Community Hope International, desires to reach all people within Communities  throughout the World with the CHI Plan, “Community Hope International.” The CHI Plan is Connecting Community Funding Individuals and Funding Organizations, and alliance of Non-profits, For-profits, Professional Businesses, Organizations, Churches, Ministries, Clubs and Services within the community. The plan will connect  an entire community through Community Home Groups. All people will have opportunity to volunteer within communities in an area of their interest as well  as receive economical and other family needs.  Volunteerism opportunities in Community Home Groups will provide economical and spiritual freedom to those  who desire it as well as freedom in other areas of their lives. Provision to use and learn, talents, learn job skills, music and drama skills, through continued education in these skills will be  a part of the plan for those who  to become a part of the Community Groups. Volunteers will provide free services to train  skills in communities  and services to meet family needs. Professional businesses and professional services will also provide free services to community Home Group members. Every home may share volunteerism in area of interest within the community.
With all communities  working together, we will save lives and change lives, no-one  will stand alone. 
We choose to seek change for a  society that finds it easier to ignore problems in a difficult time rather than  rectify matters in which we live . The reality is that  an exorbitant amount of people are suffering now. CHI is Connecting Communities, Cities, to meet desperate needs within the communities, people helping people. People giving help to people in some area, while  receiving help in a needed area of their life, and family, is a connecting key. Collaboration with organizations is a must to see the plan unfold on a large scale. More people may be reached and more needs met.
CHI  is the answer to economical and spiritual depression present and future.
The Church will have opportunity to get involved through-out the community also, to bring in the last day harvest of souls as it reaches out Connecting community through home groups also, providing leaders,  building a strong community family in a collaborative effort, meaning combined resources of every community across our cities, we will make things happen in a good way.
In our mission we will unite people to work with and not against or without one another in one united community.


The WOLIOM Vision for  “Community Hope International” Plan will carry out God's Vision, inspired by The Holy Spirit in His service and direction. In the CHI Plan, People will  learn and how to become leaders and fulfill responsibilities within the Community to help one another. Those who receive help will in turn help themselves by helping others in the area of their strengths or skills and abundance.
Many in our communities who are lost ,hurt and depressed and search hopelessly for answers in the midst of problems will receive help. CHI plan was created to console, counsel, and supplicate members of all communities who have no help or not enough help readily available. We will alter such an abashed way of living by lending a helping hand and becoming involved in our world.
       The Church will carry out The Great Commission by giving  people opportunity to use  gifts, talents, resources and unique callings. We desire to carry out God's vision of provision to all who seek his way. In time of crisis, misguidance, and despair, our plan offers the means for the needs. All  community connecting will provide job skills training, job opportunity, services, food, clothing, transportation, educational career, spiritual counseling, teaching ministry, music, drama, hospitality, and a variety of other services comparable to the area of need. Many Opportunities will be available within the community in the CHI Plan for volunteers and those who desire to be a part of community home group efforts. A large collaborative effort of groups will be of great success in meeting needs of one another. Community organizations must get involved as well as Church's.
As Churches, businesses and organizations are presented  the CHI Plan, will  in turn give people opportunity to volunteer  in any area of  interest or calling.
    The CHI Plan materials will be available to carry out the Plan. The Church will grow and reap many blessings as well as organizations and businesses. As people become community members complete training workshops to learn the CHI Plan, they will choose the area's of interest and call, to meet spiritual, economical, and physical needs of community.  All community, will work together in this CHI endeavor giving and receiving.
Everyone in the Community may be a part in connecting. 
Neighbors will come together as it were in times past or what we call the old days, to help one another in Community. Neighbors helping neighbors.
As CHI connects the community, funding provisions will be made with sustainability as a way of life maintaining economical efforts meeting the needs of all involved in the community through Community Home Groups connecting.  Volunteers and responsibilities are assigned in communities as the community is surveyed by volunteers and people host a home group in communities and become connected. 
Community Hope International is designed to amalgamate Communities and Church's, regardless of race, creed, or color to be interconnected through humanitarian. Think of it this way, helping one another.

Make your mark in life with matters that directly concern us now!
Financial, and economical needs will be met on a large scale in the CHI mission.

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