Community Hope International Plan of Words of Life Ministries


Each of these Positions are needed
in each community group formed.


Outreach leaders
and groups will reach out to community, surveying and registering community, finding
needs and giving opportunity to those who  want to help meet needs.

outreach workers, prayer leaders, music leaders, band leaders, drama leaders, singing groupleaders, visitation teams, telephone follow-up groups, business leaders, job skill leaders and groups, mission leaders and team, and many services of all types will be a part of each community group.

Organizations, partners, members and funders
will have opportunity to help community in a more effect way. Many groups will be started in each community. All will be involved connecting receiving and helping community.

                                                                   REWARDS & CAREER
Each Community group will have positions available.
Faith based organizations and Community as partners and members with “Community Hope International” Plan will all connect in this assignment.
Opportunity for promotions will be available within community groups throughout the City and State. Promotions to oversee Community groups, then City group leaders, to overseeing State leaders will be available. Promotion will be available to go to National and International leadership if so desired.

Ministry Leadership Opportunity

Positions for leaders
Positions for team members

  • Teaching
  • Evangelism
  • Drama
  • Band Groups
  • Singing
  • Music & Talent Groups
  • Prayer Team
  • Missions
  • Telephone Team
  • Clothing Director
  • Food Director
  • Health Alternatives Leader
  • Transportation Leader
  • Family Counseling Advisor
  • Professional Job Skills Leader
  • Spiritual Growth Leader
  • Professional Services Leader
  • Teen groups
  • Singles Groups
  • Community Volunteer
  • Professional Connecting Director
  • Public Relations Director
  • Telemarketing Team Director/Follow-up
  • Visitation Teams/Follow-up
  • Volunteer Administration

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Community Leadership

Business Leader/Team
Job Skills Leader/Team
Transportation Leader/Team
Food Director/Team
Clothing Director/Team               
Services Leader/Team
Educational Leader/Team

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