Community Hope International Plan of Words of Life Ministries

Community Ministry Group Teacher/Leader
Community Church Group Teacher/Leader

Connecting All Community Through Home Groups

Believers of the Word of God 
Christian status only as Teacher


Attend workshop to learn the CHI Plan

  • Be prepared to operate the group from your home or a home of someone  who is willing  to have group meetings. 
  • You may  find a building or use community building
    to use for CHI community purpose.
  • Welcome new guest and let them know they may be a part of the CHI Plan.
  • Hand out welcome card to be filled out on front and back or referrals then pull card in half, give vision and mission (top of card) to guest, you keep the bottom for outreach leader.
  • Hand out sign-up sheets for guest to fill out for the area of their interest in CHI Plan.
  • Each person that signs up as a leader in the group will be given a CHI survey card.


Community Ministry Leader





Community Ministry
Home Groups


  • Get list of volunteers from community and list of those providing skills and services.
  •  Fill out cards for those who have family needs. ( As people receive help in one area they will also give help to others in another area)
  •  Fill out card for those giving toward the need. (economical or physical- spiritual-emotional-other)
  • Will work together with all group leaders in different assignments.
  • Will work hand in hand with professions, services, job skills etc.
  • Will fill out necessary paper work for CHI department. (Train assistance for your position)
  • Will be responsible to teach the "Ministry Of Jesus Christ" syllabus to carry out the Great  Commission.
  • Each group member will be given a part of this assignment in the area of their own interest.
  • Each will train assistance also in the area of  interest as they become leaders.
  • Will work hand in hand with Prayer teams, Telephone teams, Outreach leaders etc.
  • Will fill out required paper work for Church and CHI department. 

Non-Profits, For-profits, and many other community organizations will no longer stand alone.
We will connect them to all community through Home Groups, to see needs met on a larger scale.

                                          I Would Like To:
Help  Underprivileged people in my community through CHI Home Groups

Sponsor a Partner Event  
  in a Home Group in my Community 
Start or Join a Home Group in my Community  (
fill out form for choice of group
Teach a Job Skill or (
provide equipment to train a skill
Teach Music Skills or provide
(music equipment to teach and give others opportunity
Start a Music Group (voice or band ) in my Community through CHI Home Group
Teach Drama Skills to the underpriviledged in my Community
Start a  Drama Team in my Community through CHI Home Group

Click here  - (and fill out the form for above choice or choices)

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