Community Hope International Plan of Words of Life Ministries

Job Skills Leader 
Professional Services Leader /Teams


  • Complete Training Workshop
  • Attend community Home Group meetings
  • Must have a desire to help people learn skills
  • Must have knowledge of how job skill training would be effective and how to train people
  • Need to train an assistance in this field
  • Work with home group leader to find needed skills for training, this information will be on survey cards
  • Sign-up a service leader who is willing to lead in the field of services
  • Both job skills leader and service leader and assistance's will work together, with team
  • Be willing to provide continued education in field of job skill training and services
  • Bring in volunteers who are also interested in training others a skill or teach a service
  • After skills have been acquired, service leader and assistance will help people find right work for those trained
  • Many of these jobs will come about by being placed in positions in Community International where the need occurs
  • Job skills leader and service leader and teams will contact people who have show interest (by filling out survey card) in providing or giving tools, equipment or machines for any needed training
  • Service leader and job skill leader and team will make telephone calls and service calls to find things needed for job skill training
  • Job skill leader and service leader will also register people in Church and Community who are willing to provide a service and give time toward the efforts of training
  • Both Job skill leader and service leader will work with community home group leader and outreach leader meeting within the community for new clients and volunteers
  • Paper work will be required and is prepared as reports book to give information on people receiving help and giving help
  • Must keep up with all equipment donated and all related needs
  • Sign-up Volunteers such as carpenters, mechanics, electricians, welders, construction, plumbers, roofers, landscaping, farming, painters and any other professions that could be used in job skills and services
  • Must also work together connecting with Business Professions and Service Group Leaders

  • All other Information and promotional opportunity will be available at CHI Workshop.

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