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"About the President" 

Dr. Carol Voss 

Personal Testimony
Educational Experience/Degree's

    God has sent each of us here for a very special purpose with a plan for His Kingdom. The importance of being unique as everyone is unique in a very special way as God has made us in this manner, we have special desires and assignments. God has given me a very special assignment. Being raised on a tobacco farm with very hard working parents, I was taught to also work hard and do it right. I had 1 brother and two sisters me being the oldest. My dad served in the army working on the front lines carrying ammunition in World War Two, then became a farmer. My mother experience the death of her mother at the age of twelve.  Both were hard workers, my mother a mill worker. Both were committed Christians and raised me in Church from birth. I was taught to have honesty and good moral standards. I saw a part of Heaven and saw Jesus Christ in a vision after experiencing salvation at an early age.     

         After growing up, I began to get influenced more by things of the world,  I began a path in which steered me off the path of God for several years.  I had been saved at age twelve, I knew about God but had very little understanding about how to overcome temptations of the world and the  enemy that works to bring deception because of a lack of knowledge and understanding.   I made wrong decisions in my child like relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ . I loved Jesus, as a child, and had desire in my heart to do something in His kingdom. I married and gave  birth to one son and three daughters. 
I knew going to church was the right thing to do. As I began to desire to move back into a relationship with God, I was making more of a religious church commitment and not a personal relationship commitment. Then I had a powerful vision of warning from God, in 1978, that brought in my life a different prospective and a renewed fear of God  and help for my life. I hardly knew what to pray yet it was sufficient. After praying I experienced  a process of growth in my relationship to Christ Jesus.

After a new commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, much of my time was spent reading, studying the Word of God, and learning to depend on Him as I applied His Word to my life through faith.  Pain and hurt I had encountered in the world  was removed, and I then knew total surrender and understood His love. God never failed me, nor did His Word ever return void as I applied it to my life and life circumstances after experiencing many test and trials for several years .
  God has given me much wisdom in reflecting that of a Christ centered home and a desire to Work in God’s Kingdom. 

    In the year of 1981, I was visited about four o'clock in the morning, and I knew it was the Voice of God. He said in His Word, His sheep  hear His Voice and a Stranger’s voice they will not follow. He said to me three times very loud and clear to my spiritual ears, “I have Chosen you, I have Called you, and Ordained you, for this 'end time' generation to bring forth my Plan!”  On another occasion, of spending time just in His presence through seeking more of Him and His Word, I had a night Vision in which I saw the New Jerusalem coming right down from the heavens through the sky like the scripture says will happen. I also had a vision of Russian armies coming from the North advancing attacks to North end of Israel, and there was a great earthquake during this attack.  Israel was deleivered from being totally destroyed.

      I've had many spiritual heavenly experiences from God. He spoke to me after having the same vision two times concerning death and famine coming to America, and gave me this name and Plan, "Community Hope International," A Plan to carry out The Great Commission along with connecting the entire community in way they could help one another. The Plan is an end-time plan, It is designed to meet the need of people when economic recession and depression are present in our communities. God  always prepares a way to take care of His people that obey and listen to Him. As all communities get involved through home groups in the CHI Plan, no one  will be left out, and will see needs met in time of great need. 
This Is how the Community Hope International Plan came about!
God's Assignment is directed and ordained by His Holy Spirit!

Experience and Ministry: 

Over the Years I have brought many people who were in desperate need in many ways into my home. Some of these people were in bondage to drugs, alcohol, and many other problems. God was faithful to give me His Wisdom to care for these people to change direction in their lives and
 by His Grace they were set free of addictions and were able to get jobs and start a new way of life. I helped them set up home stead by getting a place to live, furniture and a job. I realize there are  many needs in our communities and I alone cannot take care of everyone. The Entire community can work together and lives will be saved and changed.

28 Yrs. Personal Ministry and Community Outreach work
 •Community door to door Outreach
 •Community Groups
•Community Marketing
 •Business Groups Leader and Couch
•Church Outreach
Business profession outreach
 •Radio and Television Outreach
 •7 Years Pastoral Experience
 •Home Groups
 •Cell Groups
 •Prison Chaplain
 •Counselor - Counseling  experience : Office,  Individual, Business and Organizational  – Work related issues, drug related problems, job related  problems, alcohol, marriage, abused children, teens, financial and economic related problems.
 •Marketing & Telephone follow-up
 •Teaching and Leadership Skills

 •Fund raising leader and Coach - Teaching School leaders and
 Sports groups fund raising.
 •Worked in music, youth, teens and adult departments and several other area's within Churches 23 Years. 
Marketing in the field of Media, Magazine sales and Marketing sales in several fields.
 •Office Executive Secretary - Office Manager -  Employee Manager
•Marketing and Sales of GM Corp - Diesel engines - Parts
•Marketing leader over Groups in marketing sales

♦Member of North Carolina for Non-Profits♦
♦Member of Winston C
hamber of Commerce
♦Member of Cambridge - Who's Who
♦Womeninet - Christian Business network
♦Member eWomenNetwork-Largest  Business Women  network in USA and Canada

♦Associated with and involved in several Large Organizations and groups
♦Involved with several Chamber's of Commerce & Groups

• Spiritual and Inspirational speaker – Enjoy speaking in churches, conventions, organizations and other groups to encourage a positive relationship with God and a way of overcoming success through the Word of God.
 • Organization and Business Coach and Speaker
 giving direction and bringing change in the mist of job related, business,  personal problems, community problems and disappointments that produces victory in every circumstance.
•Family Adviser and consultant dealing with life's unexpected problems.

How to bring community together for change in all community issues to meet family needs.
♣How to bring Community change to make a difference in Communities.
♣How to expand your vision from one community to all communities, cities and states.
• Enjoy spending time with God, enjoy music,  family, grandchildren and Bassett Hounds.

Educational Credentials:

•  Associate Degree in Biblical Studies
•  Bachelors Degree of Theology
•  Masters Degree of Theology
•  Honorary Doctor of Divinity
•  Associate Degree in Ministry
   (Concentration in Christian Counseling) & (Psychology)
•  Honorary Pastoral Counselor
•  Bachelor Degree in Christian Education

7 Years  Training  Meetings, Classes, and Conference's on subjects of Fundraising - Philanthropy - Boards Development -Volunteerism -Leadership
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Training Course Certificate of Completion: The Art and Science of Grant Writing

National Development Institute (NDI)
20hrs. Credit
Fundraising Success
Anatomy of a Perfect Capital Campaign
Raising Major Gifts
Essence of Major Donor Ministry

Management Credentials:
Marketing Management Training Skills
Fundraising In Education
Network Marketing Leader and Trainer
Sales and Marketing Skills
Organizational Group Training
Coach & Speaker on Business & Community Economical views

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