Community Hope International Plan of Words of Life Ministries

Family Counseling Advisor

  • Need to be part of your Community Group team.
  • Complete CHI Training Workshop to learn the Plan.
  • Leader must have a degree in counseling and Christian experience.
  • Teams needs to understand and operate in the Spirit of Counseling.
  • Attend a special workshop on counseling by the President of CHI.
  • Requirements: Have God's love for People, and know how to
    give counsel based of the Word of God.
  • Advise and give special counsel to youth, teens, singles, adults, and elderly.
  • Choose a team of counselors to give help for these groups.
  • Choose a special team to give spiritual biblical guidance to people with drug, alcohol,
    depression and other fleshly additions. This team needs to understand the Deliverance Ministry.
  • Need understanding of timing for those who need help most in appointment setting and exceptions.
  • Work close with Spiritual Growth team for use of materials and teaching Cd's, DVDs or tapes.
  • Work with Visitation Follow-up Leader and team and Telephone Follow-up leader
    and Team from community group.
  • Must refer all clients to a CHI or AOF Community group in their city and community.
    This will be for community group support and church support.
  • Plan special classes for testimony of people who have overcome additions, drugs,
    alcohol and other problems.
  • Work also with Community Groups and Community Church Groups who have
    Job Skill team and Job Services team, that clients may receive help in getting a new start if needed.
  • Follow -up with families of clients and refer to a community group or community church group.
  • Will be responsible for records of clients, and families involved.
  • Financial gifts will be received for those who desire to support this phase of the CHI Plan.
  • Monthly meetings will be required that leaders may come together will reports of success
    and have a special speaker from a Community Group.

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