Community Hope International Plan of Words of Life Ministries

Clothing Distribution Group Leader

  • This leader and those on team complete Training Workshop to learn the CHI Plan
  • Train an assistance
  • Collect survey cards to contact those in the community who want to volunteer with this team
  • Contact those who filled out survey card for clothing needs
  • Contact those in community who desire to give clothing to the community needs
  • Church and Community should give survey card of those surveyed that are interested in working with this team and those who need clothing
  • Referrals that come from group cards showing a need of clothing should be collected from group leaders
  • The Team will contact those who have clothing needs to find out what kind of clothing is needed and sizes needed
  • Follow-up is required by phone and visitation and prayer for families who give and those who receive. Give cards to Telephone team and visitation team along with prayer team
  • Group distribution leader will work with other city group leaders for finding a place to store clothing along with storing clothing in the CHI centers
  • Each family who receives help must fill out survey cards and give area of interest of helping in  community efforts. Those who give help souls also fill out survey card
  • Teams will deliver clothing to the needy
  • Must keep paper work on who was provided for and get them involved in some area along with an invitation to the Home Group meeting
  • Share Jesus Christ with all in need

  •  You will learn about Promotions and other information at CHI Workshop.

                                          I Would Like To:
Help  Underprivileged people in my community through CHI Home Groups

Sponsor a Partner Event  
  in a Home Group in my Community 
Start or Join a Home Group in my Community  (
fill out form for choice of group
Teach a Job Skill or (
provide equipment to train a skill
Teach Music Skills or provide
(music equipment to teach and give others opportunity
Start a Music Group (voice or band ) in my Community through CHI Home Group
Teach Drama Skills to the underpriviledged in my Community
Start a  Drama Team in my Community through CHI Home Group

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