Community Hope International Plan of Words of Life Ministries

Community Hope International Plan
The Church

Church and Church Group Opportunities:

CHI - God's Assignment And Provision To Empower 
The Church To Fulfill  It's Vision and Mission.
A Mission to also empower,  change and help each
community getting every family involved!
The Blood Of Jesus Christ and all of Heaven stands behind The CHI Plan. 

  • A Plan that will reach each home within your City and Community.
  • A Plan to bring in the Last Day Harvest of Lost Souls.
  • CHI Plan will Help you meet the needs of all Community.
  • CHI Plan also provides a way for community to help you meet needs.
  • The CHI Plan will connect you to needed resources in meeting needs 
    of all Community.
  • CHI Plan gives all those who receive help a way to also help provide in other area's.
    (Community will Eat Fish and Learn How To Fish for continual provisions).
  • The CHI Plan will Provide a way for all Church to do something in 
    God's Kingdom from youth to elderly.
  • The Church will experience abundance of Growth, Wealth and Joy.
  • With CHI Plan the Church will experience real Revival.
    Through CHI Plan, Funding will be made available to working Churches!
  • Steps To Go Forward As A Church

    1. Sign-up for Church Power Point Presentation
    2. Sheets with gifts, callings and area's of interest will be given to
      Church body to be a part of the Community Plan
    3. Area's of interest will be selected and information sheet completed
    4. Sheets will be handed to Church Pastor or Church Leader to view
    5. A Workshop will be scheduled to learn how the CHI Plan works for 
      each assignment and how the assignments will work in unity
    6. Groups will be formed based on selected interest
    7. Work Shop materials and Group materials will be available at that time
    8. Leaders of Groups will be volunteered as qualified
    9. Pastor or Church Leader will begin teaching from The Ministry Of Jesus Christ 
      syllabus on "The Great Commission"

      The CHI Plan may be implemented in any Church Group.

      Examples of Church Groups: 

                                          I Would Like To:
Help  Underprivileged people in my community through CHI Home Groups

Sponsor a Partner Event  
  in a Home Group in my Community 
Start or Join a Home Group in my Community  (
fill out form for choice of group
Teach a Job Skill or (
provide equipment to train a skill
Teach Music Skills or provide
(music equipment to teach and give others opportunity
Start a Music Group (voice or band ) in my Community through CHI Home Group
Teach Drama Skills to the underpriviledged in my Community
Start a  Drama Team in my Community through CHI Home Group

Click here  - (and fill out the form for above choice or choices)

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