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"Words of Life International Outreach Ministries" has a plan assignment by God to help meet the need of individuals, churches, businesses, organizations, and communities.  Become a member of Community Hope International, so we can help you and you can help others.

The CHI Plan is completely systemized to ensure that it is effective.  The benefits and rewards for your involvement are ensured, as are the benefits and rewards to your community.  As the momentum of the Plan continues to build, don't get left behind!  Make your connection TODAY!

Matthew 9:37-38

Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few;
Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth laborers into his harvest.

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Sowing in time of plenty,
you will
reap plenty in time of need.

Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom.  For with the same measure ye mete withal it shall be measure to you again.  -Luke 5:38

MATT: 25

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Welcome !

"People helping People"

•The Purpose of Community Hope International 
is to help people and to enable people within their 
communities to help one another.

♣The resources to meet your needs are in reach!
Community Hope International Plan
Connecting Community and Opportunity. 
Meeting Desperate Needs
Through Community and Church Groups!


The CHI Plan will bring awareness to every home, business and Christian group within the community providing the availabilities to meet needs, and change lives through groups in lack and famine. 

Funding Community Groups  will be available as community works together with a fivefold Plan
   reaching out to all community.
♣Get involved in your Communities Now!        
Start a Community Group-- CHI is starting with over 30 different types of groups to help people in the Community! Churches need the fivefold Plan!

                           *Get Connected Through Community  Groups   
♣, Businesses, organizations, services, Non-Profits, For-Profits, and Churches within the Community need to connect to the Plan!
♣ Connecting Funding  to working groups, Organizations, businesses and Churches who are willing to reach the community with the fivefold Plan and compassion.  You will save and change lives with a Plan in a time of Harvest and Need.  Help community and they will help you.                                   

The CHI Plan will enable  diverse communities to focus on the needs of People.   
Communities will identify in a unified way working together; to accomplish connecting, and meeting desperate family needs. 

CHI needs many volunteers to work on phones doing follow-up, and teach work-shops on how the Plan works. People are needed to help feed the hungry, provide Music groups, for community purpose and events. 
The CHI Plan will be implemented through workshops. This is preparation is for famine or other community and unexpected catastrophy's or pandemic's.

A Plan to Advance your Mission and make your Vision a success! 
Our Collaboration Plan is ethical  and above reproach for any  non-profit and for-profit community.
The Plan that will expand your Vision to every City and State if you
so desire
to reach all communities effectively
A Plan that connects;  Resources, Educational groups, Businesses, Services, and Professions to one another as well as every home in the community, through Community groups and home groups if desired.
Community supports you as you support community.  

CHI is a God given Plan that will work for you!  To reach a Harvest of Souls for the kingdom of God!

♣Learn more about connecting the community-
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♣See a Plan that will reach all communities
 Those  you help will then give into the lives of others in some way.

Get to Know your community and Your neighbors
Get together as group one or two times a month in your home, business or a community group. 
Get started now!
Hosting consist of :  Meeting New People- CHI Presentation and fellowship for meeting future needs.

Providing Community Resources
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Plan a workshop in your community!
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CHI Plan Connecting You Now!
Solutions To Every Family Issue And Need
Fulfilling your Vision and Mission with a Plan

Connecting All Communities
Talents - Music - Drama - Education - Job Skills - Services

Home Groups


  • America Faces Economic  And Spiritual Recession And Famine In Our Communities!
  • America Faces Destruction In This Generation Of The Youth And Teens.
  • God's Solution Is To Bring Community And Church Together To  Help One Another While Connecting All Communities!
  • To Bring Awareness To Communities, Connecting Them To Needed Resources.
  • Using Funding From Individual's  And Organizations.
  • Utilize Community Resources From CHI Home Groups To Meet Desperate Needs In Our Communities!
    CHI desire Grants And Funding, to Help Those Who Help Others, Providing The Increase Of All Efforts Of Giving, Maintaining  Effective Use Of Funding In All Communities.

    ♣Preparing Now For Future Economic Depression Your Community Faces Is Urgently Important!
    Allow Community Hope International To Help You Be Prepared With A Plan That Will Meet Your Needs In Any Crisis.

Give someone a fish and they will eat for a day
     Teach someone to fish and they will eat for life.

 CONNECT with all Community 
Agencies, social, civic, non-profit, for-profit, and human services, as well  all community resources will CONNECT, through CHI Home Groups, no one will stand alone as thousands of community CHI
groups are formed.

Connect Now With: Home Groups
Community Hope International
Career Opportunity
Community Group  Position's
Promotion leadership Opportunity
Volunteer and Free Service Opportunity

Meeting Your Economical, Social, Spiritual,
Physical Needs  in Families through out communities.

  America Must Have Community Awareness Now For What We      Are Facing Economically In The Near Future And Make Preparation!

The CHI Plan is one of the most rewarding, one of a kind with the  greatest opportunities that you will experience in a lifetime. 
A Plan of Preparation meeting your needs now and a Plan that will have the answer to future needs in economic depression. 
This Plan may be implemented in all types of Organizational Groups Christian and non-Christian alike to work together as a whole, carrying out the CHI Plan. Business, Organizations and Professions, Educational Groups will also be connected in a mega way.  Groups in the field of M
usic, Drama, Inspirational groups, Women's Groups, Men's Groups, Singles, Non-profits and For-profits will gain great community opportunity to change lives and save lives as well as career and promotions through community home groups with CHI Plan . Connect your Group, Corporation, Business or Organization as an outreach to your community Now!  Funding Individuals and Foundations connect to the area of your Compassion and interest to save lives and change lives in our communities. All Community may be a part of this plan regardless of religious or non-religious status.
Giving and receiving help will be virtual!
(Receivers will also be Givers of Community help)

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Community Group
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Music -
 or Band Group
in Your Community

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